How Can Tow Truck Drivers Give You A Ride?

Some drivers/companies will not allow riders in their vehicles. Here at Roadside Rescue we allow customers to ride with the driver to the destination their vehicle will be taken to.

Keep in mind there are many different types of towing services that tow trucks can preform. While it is at a companies discretion to allow riders, the type of tow will also play a factor in determining if riders will be allowed.

Type Of Tows Customer Request Tow Issuance Request Tow Impound Tow Repossession Accident Tow
Riders Allowed Yes Yes No No Yes
Types of tows that allow riders

If you need to ride with the tow truck driver it is always a good idea to clarify with dispatch that you will need to ride with the driver. That way if the company does not allow riders you will be able to make other arrangements.

The size of your family or the amount of riders will also need to be discussed with dispatch before sending out the tow truck driver. Keep in mind many tow trucks can only safely accommodate two riders. There are trucks in the Salt Lake Valley that can accommodate five riders. If you have more than five riders it will be extremely hard to find a tow truck company that will be able to safely accommodate your needs.

Depending on your needs you might find it easier to get a ride from family, friends, or call a cab. Consider the fallowing before deciding what way is best for you:

  • Covid-19
  • Young child that need a car seat
  • Amount of people that need a ride
  • Location your having your car taken to
  • Time of day/night
  • Personal needs/ unable to get up into commercial truck
  • Comfort
  • Spacious
  • Distance of tow
  • Your plans for the day
  • Commercial trucks ride rough

We will always try our best to accommodate our customers to the best of our ability. Safety is our priority. With that being said we will only allow the same number of riders that we have seat belts for. We will not “squeez” customers into the tow truck.

Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to ride inside their vehicle while it is being towed. It is not safe for our customers.