Why Driving on a Flat Tire is a Bad Idea


According to the United States Department of Transportation, 622 people lost their lives due to tire-related crashes in 2021.  Driving on a flat tire is not like driving on an inflated tire. Properly inflated tires provide control and stability.

Safety (Part 2)

Furthermore, driving on a deflated tire can ignite a tire fire.  As the tire materials rub against the roadway, that friction can produce enough heat to strike up a fire. Tire fires are difficult to extinguish and can spread quickly, which makes tire fires extremely hazardous.


Not every flat tire is a complete loss. In fact, plenty of flat tires only require a simple and inexpensive repair to be able to hold air again. You would not need to purchase a whole new tire to get back on the road. But when you drive on a flat tire, you can turn a small issue into a big problem.


If you choose to drive on a tire without air in it, you risk sustaining damage to the: • Wheel • Rim • Rotors • Fenders • Alignment • Braking system • Suspension system • Steering system

Damage (Part 2)

The air in a tire provides cushion and support to the entire wheel system. Driving on a flat tire puts undue pressure and weight on areas of the car that typically never come in contact with the road.

What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire

before you risk damage to your vehicle, yourself, and others on the road, please remember that driving on a deflated tire is not the answer. Instead, call us for roadside assistance. While we are known as a Utah towing company, we provide flat tire services in addition to emergency towing services.

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