5 Advantages of Flatbed Towing Your Classic Car

If you own a classic car, you know just how much time, money, and effort goes into restoring and maintaining an antique automobile. You may have even invested tens of thousands of dollars into caring for your classic car. So when it comes to transporting that vintage vehicle from one point to another, wouldn’t you want to err on the side of caution?

Classic cars are an investment worth protecting, which is why flatbed towing is the best way to move one of these collector items.

Types of Tow Truck Services

Let’s first establish how flatbed towing differs from other towing options. A flatbed tow truck consists of a long, deep platform (aka “bed”) that allows the tow truck to transport a vehicle with all four wheels off the ground at all times. Other towing methods do not secure the vehicle on top of a platform, which means two or four wheels remain in contact with the road for the length of the tow service.

Every type of towing service serves a purpose. No matter the towing method used, an automobile can safely and securely arrive at its destination when handled by professionals that understand how to properly transport it.

For an everyday car that needs to be relocated, flatbed towing may not be required. For a car totaled in an accident, flatbed towing or wrecker towing might be the only viable option. The condition of a car impacts whether or not a flatbed tow truck is necessary. And in the case of a classic car, flatbed towing is definitely the recommended route.

The Benefits of Flatbed Towing a Classic Car

Most vintage vehicle enthusiasts would agree that you can never baby a classic car too much. That is why using a professional tow service that offers flatbed towing is the best way to go. Here are several specific perks of flatbed towing for your classic car.

#1 – Adjustments

Did you know that you can destroy a vehicle’s transmission by towing it incorrectly? Certain types of vehicles must be towed in certain ways. In fact, some vehicles cannot be towed in certain ways without making adjustments to the automobile first, such as removing the drive shaft.

On the other hand, flatbed towing requires zero adjustments. You do not have to alter your classic car to move it on a flatbed tow truck. No need to undo any component of your restoration work.

#2 – Damage

Remember how wheel-lift tow trucks leave at least two wheels of the vehicle in contact with the road during the tow service? Stones, rocks, debris, and especially those potholes that always seem to appear out of nowhere could seriously harm your vintage vehicle when not transported on a platform.

#3 – Cleanliness

Flatbed towing not only reduces the risk of automobile damage, it keeps your car clean as well. You won’t be able to avoid the occasional bug splatter during any type of tow service, but a car removed off the roadway is sure to end up cleaner than a car riding directly along the roadway.

#4 – Wear-and-Tear

A flatbed tow will minimize the wear and tear on your vehicle’s wheels. Tires are an important component of a classic car. So if you want the tread on your tires to appear untouched after the tow service, choosing to go with a flatbed tow is a necessity.

#5 – Mileage

Towing a vehicle can increase a car’s mileage depending on the way a vehicle is towed and the type of odometer. With flatbed towing, a car’s wheels do not continually rotate when transported. This means a flatbed tow cannot ramp up the mileage on your classic car.

Bonus Reason – Professional Care

Towing a vehicle can go terribly wrong without the proper knowledge and expertise to carry out the job correctly. In fact, towing a car can be a downright dangerous endeavor if executed the wrong way.

Comparatively, flatbed towing your vehicle with a reputable truck towing company is a safe and seamless way to move your classic car from one point to another. But just like towing services vary, so do towing companies.

With Roadside Rescue, our highly-trained team is ready to care for your classic car. We understand the intricacies of the car-towing process and know just what to do to ensure your antique automobile arrives damage-free at its destination.


Discover the advantages of flatbed towing in this informative infographic. Protect your classic car investment from transmission damage and road hazards. Maintain its cleanliness, minimize wear-and-tear, and prevent unwanted mileage accumulation. Opt for flatbed towing by a reputable company to guarantee a safe and seamless move, preserving your cherished antique automobile in pristine condition.

5 Benefits of Flatbed Towing Classic Cars Infographic


5 Advantages of Flatbed Towing Your Classic Car