Boat And Water Craft Towing

Boat Towing Service Around Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Is there anything more fun during Utah’s summer months than getting out onto the water? We don’t think so. Locals and visitors alike just can’t get enough of the seemingly endless ways to enjoy our unique beaches, lakes, and reservoirs. Jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, tubing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, and of course, swimming are such a treat in our area. Utah is in a class by itself when it comes to enjoying summer on the water.

When you’re planning your summer adventures, think carefully about how much stuff you’ll actually be able to pull with your truck. If you have a fifth wheel and you want to tow your watercraft behind it, you need to ensure that you’re not pulling more than 65 feet in total length, otherwise you need a permit or you could wind up with a ticket.

Whatever the reason, if you need a boat towing service, we have you covered. We’re the boat towing service specialists in Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, Centerville, and many other areas surrounding Great Salt Lake.

Planning Your Summer Water Fun

Utah’s shores provide practically endless opportunities for family fun in and around the water. Camping, hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, fishing, and more could keep you busy for an entire summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind before heading out on your boat or watercraft:

  • Some recreation areas require a permit for boating, rafting, and paddling. Check your destination well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • If you’ve taken your boat onto Lake Powell, you need to check it afterwards to make sure that no quagga muscles have made it their home. Most other lakes will require an inspection before you’re permitted to take your boat out due to the invasiveness of this species.
  • Never underestimate the sun during a Utah summer. Bring plenty of drinking water, sun hats, sunscreen, and food with you when setting out for a day on the water.
  • Larger boats and other watercraft may require permits to be used on Utah’s waterways.
  • Be good to nature and other families and follow Leave No Trace guidelines when out on the water.

Reasons You Might Need a Boat Towing Service in Utah

Hopefully, when you call Roadside Rescue for boat towing service, you’re preparing to take your boat to the water and not in a jam that you need to get out of.

Towing services are usually thought of as rescue operations, and that’s definitely a part of what we do. However, we’re also available to get you to recreational areas with ease. When you buy a boat or watercraft, you’re probably not thinking of the hassle involved in getting said watercraft to the water. You may be used to fiddling endlessly with dollies and other contraptions just to get to the point where you can haul your boat. And you better be sure you’ve done it safely, or you could have an expensive and dangerous accident on your hands. Why not leave the boat towing to us? We’re the boat towing service experts, and once your boat is in our capable hands, it’s covered by our insurance.

Boat Towing Service

If you do happen to find yourself in a sticky situation once you’re out on the water, don’t worry—it happens every day. Not what you were hoping for, of course, but we’ll get you on your way just as soon as possible.

Call us when the following boat mishaps occur on a day out on the Utah waterways:

You have a mechanical breakdown: Mechanical failure is one of the most common reasons we get called out for boat towing service in Utah. A little knowledge of boat mechanics may allow you to fix some simple, common issues on your own, such as repairing a blown fuse or a broken drive belt. For those times when you can’t avoid the need for a tow, it’s important to be prepared. We advise carrying an anchor onboard and having a GPS that will allow you to pinpoint your location when you’re stranded. Keeping your boat in good repair will hopefully prevent most mechanical failures before they happen.

Your battery dies: You may use your boat infrequently enough that its battery life is not top of mind. You only need ignore battery maintenance once to ruin what should have been an exciting day out on the water. Make a note of your battery’s manufacture date and do a quick check of its levels and connections once a month. If you notice a weak battery response when you start up, replace the battery immediately—you won’t want to get stranded in a place that is difficult for a boat towing service to access just because you put off an easy fix.

You run out of gas: We can bring gas to you if you run out, but why let that happen? Remember that riding your boat extra hard—for instance, by pulling a tube or a water skier—can drain fuel faster than normal. Keep gauges maintained so that you always know how much fuel you actually have.

Customer Service is Our Greatest Strength

At Roadside Rescue, we’re sensitive to the needs of boat owners. Trust us: we get boat towing service calls almost every day during the warmer months, and we can get you out of a trouble spot quickly and affordably. We know the Great Salt Lake like the back of our hand, so when trouble strikes, our local expertise serves us well.

When planning your summer recreation and holidays, give us a call to discuss how we can make the trip easier on you and the whole family. We specialize in towing boats as well as fifth wheels, motorcycles, four wheel drive vehicles, and more. Why risk your expensive equipment by towing it behind a truck that can’t really handle it, or worse, damaging your boat or RV because you didn’t rig it up properly? It’s best to leave the heavy lifting to us.

boat towing truck

Our towers are the best in the business. We can prove it—because they’re WreckMaster certified, they’ve been trained and approved to handle all the ins and outs of towing, even for less common tows like boats and hot tubs. Why would you trust your boat to anyone else?

Roadside Rescue—Local Knowledge, Efficient Service

When you need boat towing service in areas such as Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, and Centerville, Roadside Rescue should be your first call. In fact, we moved our operations to Salt Lake’s northern suburbs because we wanted to give this area its own dedicated towing service instead of forcing residents to rely on companies far off in the city. Our hyper-local headquarters means you get quicker service at a lower rate.

We’re proud to serve our local community, and summer is one of our busiest times as our regular clients have discovered how convenient it is to have us do their boat towing for them. Check out our online reviews to get firsthand reports of our courtesy, efficiency, and expertise. And when you’re ready to plan your next outing—or if you’re stranded unexpectedly on the beach—call Roadside Rescue at 801-803-4900. We want to become your all purpose boat towing service specialists!