Wrecker Towing Service

Wrecker Towing in Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, and Centerville

OK, we admit it: you’re probably not excited about the need for wrecker towing service. When you make that call to Roadside Rescue, you’re probably not having the greatest of days.

We’re here to make that day just a little easier. We provide wrecker towing across north Utah, including Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, and Centerville wrecker towing. We pride ourselves on being the premier towing service in the northern Salt Lake City area.

Everyone knows what a tow truck is, and most of us have had to call for one at some point in our lives. But what exactly is wrecker towing, and how do you know if you need it? We clear up the confusion below.

Who Needs Wrecker Towing?

While the terms “tow truck” and “wrecker” are often used interchangeably, this is not exactly correct. A wrecker is a type of tow truck, but not every tow truck is a wrecker. The distinction may become relevant when your car is stuck or badly damaged.

A standard tow truck is used to remove illegally parked cars or simply for moving vehicles from one place to another. If you experience a simple breakdown on the side of the road, a flatbed tow truck will be dispatched to get your car to the mechanic or other destination.

Who Needs Wrecker Towing

On the other hand, wreckers are used for removal situations. Maybe your car is stuck in the mud, caught on a rock, or trapped in a ditch. Snow is, of course, a common hazard in our part of the country, and we are called on to free vehicles from the snow every day during the winter. Occasionally we even get a call to remove a car or truck from standing water.

All of these scenarios require a wrecker. Wreckers are also required to flip overturned vehicles, and they are needed to tow heavy duty items such as semis, buses, trailers, and commercial vehicles. Accidents that cause cars to be badly crushed together will need wrecker service to separate them. When a vehicle is in an awkward or tight space that cannot be accessed by a flatbed and must be removed, a wrecker may be used in this situation as well.

Most wreckers have a boom and winch that enable them to attach to another vehicle to lift it up and out of a problem area. Others may have a hydraulic lift or a sling. The lifting mechanism of a wrecker distinguishes it from a simple tow truck, which in essence drags a vehicle from one place to another.

Another important feature of wrecker service is that it allows some repairs and maintenance to be done in real time. Our drivers are qualified to do such tasks on the site of an accident or other breakdown if required.

WreckMaster Certified

When you’re in an accident, you don’t want random people showing up to clean up the aftermath. And yet, when you need us, the last thing on your mind is the qualifications of your wrecker towing crew. When you call Roadside Rescue, you’re covered. All of our team members are WreckMaster certified, meaning that they’ve been trained and third-party certified to handle wrecks efficiently and without causing further damage to your vehicle.

wrecker towing service

WreckMaster training includes instruction in on-scene safety, prevention of damage to your vehicle, calculating towing capacity, winching how-to, interaction with customers, rigging for a vertical lift, dealing with overturned cars, and more. This means that all of our team members will arrive on site ready to get your vehicle out of danger and into the shop to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Your car or other vehicle is one of your biggest investments. We take that seriously. Our towing experts take pride in their work and in helping to get your vehicle roadworthy again.

The Best Customer Service in the Industry

Don’t trust your vehicle to just any towing service. Roadside Rescue has been serving northern Utah for more than 15 years, and we are well known in the area for providing fast, economical, and courteous service. All of our team members have passed background checks and have clean driving records.

We understand that calling a tow service is probably not high on your list of your favorite things to do. Calling us from out on the road means that you’ve more than likely stumbled into some bad luck, whether you’re locked out of your car or you’re involved in an accident. We’ve all been there, and Roadside Rescue is here to get you out of trouble.

Once you have us on the phone, try to give us landmarks if you’re not sure of your exact location. You will also want to give us as much information as possible about the condition of the vehicle so we know what to expect when we arrive. While you’re waiting for your tow, take deep breaths and try to relax. Take photos of the scene, and remove any important papers and valuables that may be inside the car. We’ll be there before you know it!

Roadside Rescue—Wrecker Towing is our Specialty!

With more than 15 years in the business and a WreckMaster certified team at the ready, we want to be your first call in northern Utah when you require wrecker towing—or any kind of towing for that matter. In addition to emergency wrecker towing service, we can tow pretty much anything you need moved. We tow motorcycles, forklifts, sheds, semi trucks, boats and watercraft, 5th wheels, even hot tubs—all day, every day. If you get a flat tire or are locked out of your vehicle, we’re on call to help with that, too.

With a vast service area, longer hauls such as Ogden to Bountiful wrecker towing are a snap for us. There’s no reason to wait for a tow truck to come from Salt Lake when you’ve been in an accident. And we strive to keep our wrecker towing fees competitive; we don’t want to price gouge our neighbors when they’re in a tight situation. We’re proud to offer affordable service to our north Utah friends and neighbors, every day of the year.

Call Roadside Rescue at 801-803-4900 for all of your towing needs.

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