Battery Jumpstart Service

Car Battery Jump Start Service in Utah

You’re having one of those days. Your car won’t start. Maybe you notice that one of the doors was left slightly ajar overnight. Or maybe you forgot to turn off the interior light after you found what you dropped on the floor when you pulled into the driveway last night. Even worse is when you’re out doing errands and return to your car and hear a clicking noise when you try to start it. A dead battery is often the culprit, and now you’re stressing over all of the things that you need to get done. You know they won’t happen—or at least won’t happen on schedule—because you need to wait for car jump start service.

Not so fast. If you’re in the greater Salt Lake City area, a jump is potentially just minutes away. Roadside Rescue is available 24/7 and serves all areas surrounding Salt Lake. The area to the north of Salt Lake City has traditionally been underserved by roadside assistance companies, but we have changed that by expanding our jump start services in Ogden, Bountiful, Layton and more. We serve a huge area in the greater Salt Lake area from Utah County up to Weber County.

Why Choose a Professional Jump Start over a DIY

If your first instinct is to flag down a stranger for a jump start, a word of caution: We’ve seen countless DIY jump starts gone wrong. Accidentally putting the wrong cable on the wrong terminal can kill your car’s electronic system and fry the fuses and sensors. In worst case scenarios, it can ruin your battery and the battery of the person giving you a jump. Putting the cables in the wrong place can even damage your alternator and motor.


We’re just getting started! We’ve seen amateur jump starts go terribly wrong for both the vehicles and their drivers when the two vehicles are touching each other, when the giving and receiving batteries don’t match up in voltage, when the cars are left on as jumpers are being placed, etc.

The safe bet is to call the pros for a jump start service that won’t damage you, your car, or your battery.

Maintaining Your Car Battery Life

A car battery is one of those things that’s easy to forget about. You probably use it without thinking about it most days of the week, and it works 999/1,000 times. Jumpstart service is such an infrequent need that you can go decades without ever having to call on a towing company.

Most of us just hope for the best when it comes to keeping our car battery in healthy working order, but there are some maintenance tasks that will maximize its longevity. Follow these guidelines below to prevent all but the most unpredictable battery issues.

  • Change the battery periodically: Your car battery should last three to five years. Proactively replacing your battery around year four is prudent. It’s relatively simple to change it out yourself, or you can ask your mechanic to do it during a tune up.
  • Drive often: It can be bad for your battery to sit unused for weeks at a time. If you’re not a frequent driver, make sure to take at least a short spin around the block at least every three to four days.
  • Keep your car warm: If you live in a cold climate, keep your car in a garage if at all possible. Engine or battery heaters may be advisable in areas with long, snowy winters.
  • Ask your mechanic to conduct a battery load test: This test shows if your car will start even in harsh, freezing conditions.
  • Check the battery acid level: If you see buildup at the bottom of the battery, this indicates that it never gets fully charged, which can happen if you mainly drive short distances with, for instance, the air conditioner and radio blasting.
  • Keep your battery clean: Keeping your battery free of dust and debris will improve its lifespan. Remove any buildup on the case with a wire brush and a solution of baking soda and water, making sure to wipe the battery clean afterwards.

Equipping your car with jumper cables is always a prudent move if you want to avoid the need for jumpstart service. Portable car battery jump starters are also available for under $100. These units often have other handy emergency tools built in, such as a flashlight and a compass. We know that these units replace our jumpstart services, but we still highly recommend them for your safety and convenience.

Is it Really the Battery?

If your car won’t start, there’s a good chance that the battery has died. A car’s battery is responsible for turning over the starter. It also runs the computer in modern cars, so if your battery is dead, these functions will not be accessible.

There are a few different signs to look out for that will tell you that your battery is drained. “Whining” noises and sputtering sounds are telltale; of course, if the battery light appears in the dashboard during a drive, that’s an indication as well (though not a conclusive one). More than one incidence of having to jump start your car in a period of several weeks is a sure sign that the battery needs to be replaced.

However, there are other more serious issues that may seem battery related but have other causes. The starter may be affected in a car that is unresponsive. If you’re able to turn the key but you hear a clicking sound instead of the engine engaging, this is a sure sign that the starter is affected. If dashboard lights illuminate, that means that your car has battery power, so that can be ruled out. If you try to jump the vehicle and it still doesn’t turn over, you can suspect the starter.

If it’s the alternator that’s affected instead, the car may start, but the battery will not be able to recharge during the drive, and you will ultimately lose electrical power. This could also be indicated by the battery light in the dash. Other signals may be dim lighting emanating from the interior and exterior lights instead of full power.

Besides the battery, starter, and alternator, a clogged fuel filter may also prevent your car from starting as this prevents the engine from being able to burn fuel efficiently. Finally, drivers forget surprisingly often the most obvious thing that can prevent a car from starting—an empty gas tank.

Roadside Rescue Car Jump Start Service

Our mission at Roadside Rescue is to serve the Salt Lake City suburbs (including those in Davis, Weber, Utah, Tooele, and Salt Lake Counties) with affordable, efficient, fast emergency roadside service.

When you call us for jumpstart service, our team swings into gear to find the closest truck to you, so be assured that help is on the way. We believe there is no need to sit on the side of the road for hours waiting for a jump, regardless of the time of day or night. We want you to get back to work, home, or recreation almost as badly as you do.

Roadside Rescue Car Jump Start Service

Our customer service team will handle your call quickly and courteously. Your dispatcher will communicate with the trucks on the road in real time and give you a clear estimate of when your driver will arrive.

Once your driver is on the scene, he or she will assess the situation, making sure that the battery is, in fact, the cause of your issue. All of our drivers are certified by WreckMaster, meaning that they are trained in all best practices involved in diagnosing, towing and removal. Hopefully all you will need is a quick jump to be on your way.

At Roadside Rescue, we consider our customers to be part of our extended family. We know you’re in a tough situation when your car suddenly becomes inoperative, and we strive to offer the best rates in the area. No one wants to be price gouged just for jumpstart service.

We’re eager to become your go-to call for roadside assistance. We’re also proud to offer tire change service, lockout service, 5th wheel towing, off road recovery service, and even hot tub towing for our customers in the greater Salt Lake City area. Call us any time of the day or night at 801-803-4900, and we’ll be on our way to get you out of trouble fast!