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Motorcycle Towing in Ogden, Utah

If you’re like us, you live to feel the wind through your hair as you ride in the open air through some of the most beautiful terrain this country has to offer. We’re talking, of course, about taking a motorcycle ride through the gorgeous mountain passes of the Wasatch Range and beyond.

Calling for a tow for your motorcycle in Utah is not nearly as much fun, but the need will inevitably pop up from time to time. That’s where Roadside Rescue comes in. Motorcycle towing and other roadside assistance is our business. We’re there for you on those days when nothing seems to be going your way.

We’re also on hand when you’ve planned in advance to tow your motorcycle to a new location and don’t want the hassle and expense of dealing with trailers, straps, dollies, and hitches. Why not leave these headaches in our capable hands?

Maintaining Your Motorcycle

If you maintain your motorcycle well, you drastically reduce the risk of needing a tow while on the road. It may not be possible to completely eliminate the occasional need for motorcycle towing, but you can certainly help to prevent breakdowns by keeping your bike in good working order. Take the following steps when caring for your bike, because an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

General awareness: Your bike is your pride and joy. It’s wise to keep a general sort of “background awareness” of your motorcycle’s condition in your mind at all times. Take the time to scan for any unusual things that may stand out and indicate a potential issue down the road (no pun intended). Check for leaks and drips when it’s parked. Check moving parts for new signs of wear. Does the battery sound weak when you engage the engine? Use the horn and check the lights every month or so to ensure they’re still working normally.

Motorcycle Tow Company

Keep an eye on your wheels and tires: Tires should last 5 years from their sell by date, but be sure to note the manufacture date and be aware of it during your annual checks. Dry rot, cracks, and hardening can indicate that tires are on their way out. Check the wear indicators if you have them at least quarterly. Checking wheel bearings will require lifting your bike off the ground.

Drive chain/belt maintenance: Check for binding, seized links, or wear at least once a year. Replace them if required, otherwise clean and lubricate the chain. Alignment and gauge need to be confirmed with special tools.

Brakes: Check brake pads and rotors. Clean occasionally with brake cleaner. Examine brake lines for wear and tear, and ensure that there’s enough brake fluid. Changing the fluid every other year is prudent.

Fluids: In addition to brake fluid, check coolant, oil, and transmission fluid.

Of course, a regular tune-up at a mechanic can take care of all of these maintenance issues and more if you lack the know-how.

Reasons You Might Need Motorcycle Towing

It’s not possible to plan for every eventuality when you’re out on the road. This is part of the excitement of riding, but occasionally it can be a nuisance when things go wrong. Make sure that Roadside Rescue is your first call for motorcycle towing when any of the following come up unexpectedly.

You run out of gas: It happens to the best of us. And even when you’re not completely on empty, low fuel reserves can make it impossible to start your engine. If your fuel gauge is faulty without you realizing it, it can be impossible to get a correct read on the amount of gas you have left in the tank. Whatever the reason, give us a call when you run out of gas and we’ll bring some to you so you can get to the nearest gas station.

Your battery dies: When your bike won’t start, the battery is a common culprit. To rule in a dead or weak battery, you will also find that your radio won’t work and your lights are dead or dim. Call us for a tow to the nearest mechanic.

A flat tire: Even if you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle and keep tabs on the condition of your tires, a flat can happen at any time if you happen to hit something sharp. Even if you have a patch kit with you, you may not always be in a safe enough place to repair your tire let alone to drive with one that is in less than good condition. Don’t take chances—call us when you blow a tire.

You’ve been in an accident: Just as you should always be examined by a doctor following an accident—even if you feel OK—your bike should always be evaluated by a trained mechanic after an accident. Damage sustained after a collision may not be obvious without a thorough inspection.

Safe Ways to Tow a Motorcycle

Motorcycle towing is not as straightforward as it looks, and there are several options depending on your equipment, distance you need to travel, and other things you may be towing along with your motorcycle.

A towing trailer seems like the most logical option for towing your bike. It may not, however, be the easiest. Trailers do require maintenance to be roadworthy, and you may not have the space to keep one in your yard or driveway. A motorcycle carrier may be a better option for those with limited space. The carrier is decent at keeping the bike still during transport and can usually support up to 600 pounds. A tow dolly is a great option as it is lightweight and compact and can tow even more weight than the motorcycle carrier.

Whichever method you choose, you will need heavy duty towing straps, chocks, and of course, a hitch on the back of your car if you opt to tow the bike yourself.

Call Utah’s Most Reputable Motorcycle Tow Company

At Roadside Rescue, we’ve built our reputation one tow at a time. We’re a small business, and we truly appreciate your patronage. We’re proud that so many of our customers are referred to us by word of mouth.

We work hard to gain and maintain your trust. We want your first impression of us to set the tone, so you’ll find that all of our dispatchers are pleasant and accommodating from the moment they answer the phone.

Roadside rescue towing truck

When our drivers arrive on the scene of an accident, they are prepared with the right equipment and ready to get to work. All of our team members have passed thorough background checks prior to being hired and have clean driving records. Crucially—and perhaps uniquely in the business—every one of our drivers is WreckMaster certified, meaning that they’ve been trained in industry standard practices and been given the green light by the world’s most respected name in tow truck operation education. When Roadside Rescue handles your vehicle, you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible.

And now that we’re located in the northern suburbs of Salt Lake City, you don’t have to wait forever to get a motorcycle tow in areas such as Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, and Centerville. Our trucks can be with you in as few as 15-30 minutes. Plus, we’re sensitive to pricing for our emergency services and always give you the best possible rate on a given day and time.

But don’t take our word for it—read our excellent online reviews from our many repeat customers. Call Roadside Rescue at 801-803-4900 when you need a motorcycle tow, and we’ll be on the way!