7 Signs Your Car Battery is Failing

Car batteries fail. It’s an inevitable part of owning an automobile. And wouldn’t you agree that car batteries always seem to die at the most inopportune times–when you’re late for work or in a dark parking lot in the dead of winter or heading out the door to your daughter’s dance recital?

These unexpected car battery fiascos are maddening, but what if you could prevent them? Knowing the signs of a failing battery can save you from being stranded with an automobile that won’t start. Since there is never a good time to deal with a dead battery, check out these seven signs of a weak battery that needs to be checked or replaced.

1. Your car is slow to start and the ignition turnover is delayed

Does your car immediately start when you turn the key? Or is there a delay between the time you turn the key and when the ignition actually fires up your vehicle?

When your ignition is slow to turn over, this can be a telltale sign that your battery is on its way out. Your battery provides power to the ignition. So if your battery does not have enough juice to create sufficient power, starting your car will be difficult.

2. Your car makes clicking noises when trying to start or your car does not start altogether

Cars do not start up for multiple reasons. You could have a bad alternator or you might have an issue with your starter motor, but a dead battery can also be the reason for a failed start.

If clicking noises come from your car when turning the ignition, or the ignition fails to turn over entirely, check on your car battery. It’s a great starting point to help you determine whether the battery is the guilty party or another part is contributing to the issue.

3. The battery terminals appear corroded

When checking on that car battery, you may discover that the battery terminals or posts are covered with a green, blue, or white powdery substance. This corrosion decreases the electrical power of your battery. A good cleaning to both the positive and negative terminals could do your battery wonders.

4. The battery emits a smell

Internal battery acid can leak from an aging battery, and that escaped fluid can emit a smell. The smell is the least of your worries, though.

That sulfuric acid is a fire hazard and can even damage other parts of your vehicle. For example, battery acid that comes in contact with your car’s engine can lead to corrosion problems. If your battery has an abnormal smell coming from it, do not delay getting a new battery.

5. The battery is bulging or swollen

A bulging battery is another sign of a serious car battery issue. A swollen battery is not an issue you should ignore. Like a leaking battery, a warped battery is a fire hazard. But in this case, hydrogen gas is trapped inside the battery instead of acid leaking out of the battery.

6. Your car requires frequent jumpstarts

Fully functioning cars do not require repeated jumpstarts. If you find your car needing numerous jumpstarts, then it’s time to find out why. A battery in poor condition could be the source of your troubles.

7. Your car is not operating as it should

All in all … if something seems off with your automobile, the battery may be the culprit. Let’s say your headlights will not shine at full capacity. Dim headlights can indicate a battery problem. Let’s say your engine begins to backfire. A bad battery can create sparks, causing an engine to backfire. Let’s say you have to press on the gas pedal in order to start your car. Pushing down on the accelerator to turn on your car should never be necessary.

While many of these car issues can indicate a bigger underlying problem than a failing car battery, checking the battery is an easy first line of defense. Replacing a car battery is a simple and inexpensive fix compared to a bad alternator, engine, or starter.

When You Have a Dead Battery

Dealing with a dead battery can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t know how to perform a proper jumpstart. In fact, a botched jumpstart can lead to extensive vehicular damage. Not to mention, you can seriously harm yourself and others if you do not follow correct jumpstart protocols.

Here at Roadside Rescue, we can help you when you need a jumpstart. We are more than just a Utah towing company. We also provide roadside assistance, including a car battery jump start service. And if a jumpstart is not enough to get your car running again, we will be right there to help you tow your vehicle. Contact us today for more information.