Are Tow Truck Drivers Allowed To Open A Car Door?

The simple answer is yes. However there is many reasons why a tow truck operator would have to open your car door. If you are looking for a car lockout service near me call us today. Below are some reasons why a tow truck professional would need to open your car door.

  • Car lockout service near me
  • To lock the steering wheel for towing
  • To place vehicle in neutral
  • Steer the vehicle while loading on tow truck
  • Retrieve a vin number
  • Key not opening door
  • Stolen recovery
  • Repossession

Lockout service is when you have locked your keys in the vehicle and need to get them out. We recommend to let a perfectional do this. It is not uncommon to damage your vehicle if you do no preform the lockout service correctly or with the proper tools. Scratches or broken windows are extremely common. This is why our professionals are highly trained in lockout services on all types of makes and models of vehicles.

Are Tow Truck Drivers Allowed To Open A Car Door

If your vehicle is a rear wheel drive and being towed with a wrecker or a self loading tow truck, your vehicles steering wheel will need to be locked with the wheel being strait. It is ideal to have the keys to be able to lock the wheel, however it is not always possible. In this case the driver will have to unlock the vehicle in order to safely tow the vehicle.

If being towed on a flat bed tow truck or a car carrier the tow truck driver will hook on to your car with chains or straps. Next he will need to pull your vehicle up onto the bed of the tow truck using a winch cable. The vehicle will need to be placed in neutral to make it easier for the driver and your car. The driver will need to get into the car to shift it into neutral.

Snatch blocks are used to help pull a car strait up a flatbed tow truck. Not all flatbed trucks are equipped with a snatch block. It is also a lot easier to just be able to steer the car up the truck strait. Either way, the tow truck driver will need access to the inside of your car in order to steer it up the bed of the truck.

Sometime people cover up the vin number located on the dash of their car. In this case the tow truck driver may need to open the car to check the vin to make sure its the correct car and to create an invoice.

Some older cars had one key for the door and one key for the ignition. If the door key is lost or is not available the driver will have to preform a lockout service to tow the vehicle. In newer cars they have key fabs. Key fobs are great, however if your fob is dead and you have lost or misplaced the back up key located inside the fob, a lockout service will be needed.

Unfortunately vehicles are stolen on a daily bases. When the police department is able to locate the car, the keys are not always available. Depending on the situation the tow truck driver may preform a lockout service to make the job easier to recover the stolen vehicle.

Repossession is a common reason for not having the keys for a vehicle. Depending on how the is positioned or other situations it maybe easier for the driver to unlock the car.

Here at Roadside Rescue we will not open your vehicle door unless it is absolutely necessary to safely tow your vehicle.

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