Can Tow Truck Drivers Run my Plates?

Yes, Repossession tow truck companies have a system that reads license plates. This system will only alert the driver if your vehicle is up for repossession. The driver can not gain your personal information by using this system. This can happen when driving down the road or in a parking lot. Keep in mind not all tow trucks have license plate reader.

Another reason for a towing company to run your license plate is to notify you that your vehicle has been impounded. Usually tow truck drivers do not have access to this system, it is only used by office personnel.

Can Tow Truck Drivers Run my Plates

Roadside Rescue and Repossessions

Here at Roadside Rescue we do not do any type of repossession work. If you are in need of this please contact American Outlaw’s towing professionals for help. For a list of services Roadside Rescue can provide please visit our services page.

Why doesn’t Roadside Rescue Towing assist with repossession?

As you may know, repossessing someone vehicle can be extremely dangerous for the towing professionals. People are never happy when their vehicle is being repossessed, because of this some people get out of control and damage tow trucks, equipment, steal tow trucks, or even harm the towing professionals for doing their job. This is why it is not something that Roadside Rescue Towing associates with.

Tow Truck license plate reader

Here at Roadside Rescue we do not have tow truck license plate reader because we do not do repossession or any work needing the plate readers. As a reminder not all towing companies need to have the license plate readers.

Not all companies or tow truck drivers have the need to run your plates. Only companies with adequate reasons can have access to the system. The system is highly secure and if the company misuses this system they will lose all access.