How Much Does A Tow Truck Service Cost?

Towing service cost depends on a lot of different factors. Here in the Salt Lake Valley you can expect to pay between $75- $200. Some companies can charge a customer per mile, if that is the case expect to pay between $2.00 and $5.00 per mile.

What can effect the cost of the tow?

  • Type of vehicle
  • Location of vehicle
  • Damage done to vehicle
  • Type of tow ( accident, repossession, police call, or insurance call)
  • Miles being towed
  • Size of vehicle or equipment
  • Personal or Commercial
  • Stuck in park
  • Located in parking garage
  • Two or three services needed ( winch, lockout, tow, jumpstart)

How Much Does A Tow Truck Service Cost

Type of vehicles

The type of vehicle, such as the make and model of the vehicle can make a huge difference in cost. The reason for this is because if your vehicle is a four wheel drive car, the car may need special equipment to tow. Also if you have a show car or a expensive car such as a Porsche or Lamborghini these type of cars can take a lot more time to secure and protect before towing.

Motorcycle are also a great example of cost. If you have a large motorcycle we want to make sure we send you the right person to be able to handle such a large motorcycle safely. If needed more than one person will be sent out to tow the bike. If this is the case that will also effect the cost per tow.

The size of truck will also depend on price. For example the cost per service will be less for a F150 or 1500 vs F350 or 3500. The reason in due to weight of the truck. Another factor is if the truck has a lift gate or any other equipment that will make the truck significantly heavier.

Location Of Vehicle

Most vehicles towed are located within the Salt Lake Valley, however this is not always the case. The more miles the tow driver has to driver to get to your vehicle the higher the cost. This is also the case with the distance traveled with your vehicle being towed. Someone being with a total distance of 10 miles ( round trip) will pay less than someone with a total distance of 60 miles.

Damage Done To Vehicle And The Towing Service Cost

Damage done to a vehicle is probably the most common factor when towing a vehicle. Someone with a car that doesn’t start will pay less than someone with a broken ball joint. This is because of the time and care that is needed when towing a vehicle with a broken ball joint.

Type of Tow

This situation can seem simple. A repossession will cost more than an insurance call ( when your insurance Company pays for the service) because of the risk involved in doing a repossession vs insurance call.

Size of vehicle or equipment

the size of weight of the vehicle or equipment will change the price. Here are some examples Honda Civic vs F250, a Chevy 2500 vs semi truck or a shed vs a forklift. While we can help with many vehicles, sheds, boxes and equipment, this can and will effect the cost for service.

Personal Or Commercial Towing Service Cost

A personal vehicle vs commercial vehicles can differ a lot on price. We do have specific pricing for commercial accounts due to the volume of work we are able to get from the accounts that depending on the situation can end up being cheeper than a personal vehicle. However we always will provide our personal customers with the best possible price as well as the best possible service.

How Much Does A Tow Truck Service Cost

Vehicle Stuck In Park

If your vehicle is stuck in park this will require more time and effort for your tow truck driver. The driver will also need to use special equipment to insure no damage will be done to your vehicle, such as states or dollies. Depending on the type of vehicle you have will determine on what type of truck and equipment is needed to safely tow your vehicle.

Parking Garage Towing Service Cost

Unfortunately there are a lot of parking garages in the Salt Lake Valley with difference clearances. The lower the garage the smaller the tow truck is needed. This can effect the cost of the towing service.

Number Of Services Preformed

Let’s say you called Roadside Rescue for a jumpstart and while you waited for the tow truck to arrive you locked your keys in your car and now need a lockout and jumpstart. This can effect the cost of services. However we do understand that things happen and we do not mind giving discounts for multiple services.

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