How to Prep your Classic Car for Fall Showings

The heat of summer has come and gone. Leaves are starting to flash shades of red and yellow. The air is starting to crisp. That can only mean one thing: It is time to prepare your classic vehicle for fall car shows.

This guide will take you through what you need to do to prepare your car, from bumper to bumper.

Maintain the Car

When you aren’t showing the car, there are four things you should regularly do to the vehicle to avoid any nasty surprises before it makes its first appearance for the season:

  • Clean it consistently. By regularly cleaning your car or truck, you will protect the integrity of the exterior paint, prevent grime and dust build-up, and have a lot less on your plate when you get it ready for a show.
  • Pump the brakes occasionally. Brakes that aren’t used regularly will develop a squeal. To avoid it, pump the brakes while the car is sitting in the garage every once in a while.
  • Perform periodic check-ups. The trained eye of a trusted mechanic will be a valuable asset to you as you prepare your classic car for a show.
  • Drive it regularly. You did buy this car for a reason. Enjoy it. Not only will you have fun showing off your ride, but you’ll also notice any engine or other operating issues.

Clean the Interior

Clean every part of the interior of the car. The products and processes will depend on the interior components of your car. You should vacuum fabrics and clean and apply protectant to hard surfaces. If you have a leather interior, we recommend you condition your seats and other covered components so they don’t end up being shiny.

Prepare the Exterior

Time to start scrubbing. The exterior of the car should be as clean as possible. As you start cleaning, begin with the dirtiest job and move toward the easier ones. Degrease the engine, wipe down the wheels, and work your way through the jobs until you finish by cleaning and polishing your car. A chamois will work wonders as you dry the vehicle.

Don’t forget, your car also will be judged for its undercarriage and engine. The cleaner, the better.

On the tires, clean off excess dirt with water (no soap). After they are dry, apply a tire dressing. Tire dressing will elevate the look of your tires, restoring a deep color and gloss to the rubber.

Deliver the Vehicle

If you are new to the classic car scene, you might wonder if delivering a vehicle that was made to drive is redundant. It is, after all, a car. But think of all the work you just put into cleaning and maintaining the car. Driving it through one puddle would undo a lot of hard work.

Additionally, as classic cars are older, each mile tacked on to the odometer matters. Putting in 100 miles on a classic car to get to a car show will add unnecessary wear and tear to the vehicle. Having the classic car hit the road also increases the chance of damage. Keeping the car in excellent condition is the goal, so transporting it with a towing service makes the most sense.

Picking a Delivery Company

As you pick a tow company to transport your car to the show, remember that just because a company offers towing services does not necessarily mean they know how to handle classic cars. Towing a classic car in the same way that you’d tow a beater car is not the best idea.

A great place to get recommendations for towing companies to get your vehicle to a car show is, ironically, at a car show. It may not help you out with your first one, but you can network with other classic car owners and restorers to find out the good and bad experiences they have had.

Be sure to find a local towing company with experienced drivers. You don’t want your classic car to be the guinea pig for a new driver. An experienced driver will also be meticulous in how they load and unload your car from the trailer.

If possible, finding a private property towing company that uses enclosed trailers is best, as it protects your car from all the elements.

Enjoy the Show

Once you get your car to the show, enjoy. You will be surrounded by other car enthusiasts who will appreciate the hard work you have put into your vehicle, and you can admire their handiwork, too.

If you are looking for reliable towing for your classic car somewhere between Bountiful, Utah, and Ogden, Utah, consider Roadside Rescue for all your towing needs. We have experience and will take care of your classic car while it is in our hands.