How to Relocate a Hot Tub

Moving can be a pain, but it can be even more intimidating when you have large, unconventional items to relocate. A hot tub is one of those items. If you are facing a hot tub relocation in the near future, keep reading to prepare yourself.

Planning and Preparing

You will want to measure your hot tub. Measuring your hot tub will help as you determine the path your hot tub will travel. It is also necessary to know before you rent a moving truck to ensure it fits.

Follow the path the hot tub will take to determine if anything needs to move beforehand. You may need to disassemble fences, remove doors, or pull other obstacles out of the way.

Determine the surfaces over which you’ll be moving your hot tub. Transporting a hot tub over a smooth, flat surface is different than moving a hot tub over grass. Also note any stairs between the current location of the hot tub and the moving truck.

Gathering Supplies

You will need help to move a hot tub. Plan on at least four to six people to do the moving. If you don’t have enough people, you can hire help. In addition to muscle, you will need:

  • Dollies
  • Moving truck
  • 4×4 boards
  • Moving blankets
  • Lifting straps
  • Tie-down straps

You can often purchase or rent supplies from a big box home improvement store or a local towing company. Make sure the moving truck fits the dimensions of your tub (with about an inch of extra space). It is also best to get a moving truck that has a ramp so you can slide the hot tub up with the dollies. Four-wheeled furniture dollies represent your best choice for flat surfaces, and appliance dollies work best if you are navigating stairs.

Draining the Tub

You can’t move a full hot tub. Before you drain the tub, disconnect the electrical components. Keep the cords somewhere where they won’t get wet.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to drain your hot tub. This will typically involve a garden hose connected to the drainage spout, but it may involve a pump.

After draining the water from the hot tub, dry the inside of the tub with a towel.

Loading the Tub

Here is where you need the muscle. Have everyone except one person get on one side of the hot tub and lift. Slide a 4×4 board underneath. Do the same to the other side, so the tub is balanced on 4×4 boards. Then slide the dollies under the gap created by the boards. Secure the tub to the dollies with tie-down straps so it won’t slip.

Now you can push the tub to the moving truck. Have at least one person on each side of the tub as you push.

Navigating stairs is a little more complicated. You will need to move the tub on its side. Using lots of help, lift one side of the tub and slide an appliance dolly under the base. Wrap tie-down straps around it. Lift the dolly back toward you so the weight of the tub forces it down onto the wheels. Take stairs one at a time, with helpers guiding the tub and navigating the dolly. Use the ramp on the truck to get the tub inside.

Once the tub is in the truck, cover it with moving blankets. Secure the tub to the inside of the truck with moving straps. If you use furniture dollies, they can remain under the hot tub during the truck ride. Appliance dollies should be removed.

Unloading the Tub

After driving to the hot tub’s new location, you’re ready to unload the hot tub. Remove the straps and moving blankets. Roll the hot tub down the ramp.

If you are still using the furniture dollies, you will need to remove them in the same way you placed them. Stick a 4×4 under the hot tub on each side. The gap created should be big enough to pull the dollies out from underneath the tub. Then have your helpers lift one side while one 4×4 is removed, and repeat on the other side.

If you are using an appliance dolly to navigate stairs, take them slowly and one at a time. Have the handle of the dolly go up the stairwell first.

Refilling the Tub

Now that your tub is in its new spot, you can reconnect and refill the tub. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for refilling and cleaning the hot tub. Now you can rest your sore muscles in the warm water. You’ve earned it!

These steps are not simple, and can be very intimidating. If you are uncomfortable or not capable of moving your hot tub on your own, don’t hesitate to call a private property towing service for help. At Roadside Rescue, we have the equipment and manpower to safely move your jacuzzi to its new home.