Roadside Assistance vs Towing Services: A Comparison Guide

No automobile is invincible. If you own a vehicle, you can expect to run into car problems at some point in time. It’s simply inevitable.

Maybe a nail finds its way into your tire and you end up with a flat. Perhaps you run down your car battery due to leaving on a light. Even circumstances out of your control can happen, like a non-fault car accident or hit-and-run that leaves your car inoperable.

From small issues to big complications, you will undoubtedly encounter times when you need help getting back on the road. It’s in those moments that knowing where to turn for help is critical. And more importantly, you should understand whether your car problems require roadside assistance or towing services.

The Difference Between Roadside Assistance and Towing Services

Roadside assistance and towing services differ in numerous ways. Determining which option is the right fit for your situation often comes down to the condition of your car. Let’s outline when you might require roadside assistance vs towing services.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: Roadside assistance is for those small fixes that can be addressed with the quick help of a skilled mechanic.

Jumpstart – Car batteries always seem to die at the most inconvenient time, leaving you stranded with a vehicle that won’t start.

While you might be tempted to flag down a random stranger to get your car going again, that is a bad idea. Jumpstarts can go wrong in so many ways. In fact, a jumpstart gone bad can significantly damage your vehicle or even create a dangerous situation.

Instead of putting the fate of your vehicle in the hands of a stranger, call roadside assistance for a jumpstart.

Tire Repair/Tire Replacement – Just like car batteries, tires also seem to misbehave at the worst of times. Thankfully, roadside assistance can address a range of tire problems.

Let’s say you walk out from the grocery store to discover a flat tire. Roadside assistance can patch your tire right there in the parking lot. Or let’s say you blow a tire while driving down the freeway, and you need a complete tire replacement. Once again, the expert help of professional roadside assistance can get you on your way.

Lockout – Wouldn’t you agree that locking the keys in your car creates such a stressful situation? Unfortunately, it’s one of those mishaps that most drivers experience at some point in their lives.

But before you attempt to jimmy-rig your car window with a wire coat hanger (which can damage your vehicle), seek the help of a professional car lockout service. That’s exactly the purpose of roadside assistance.

TOWING SERVICES: Towing services are for those times when a car needs to be moved from one spot to another via a tow truck.

Most people think of using a car tow service when faced with an emergency, like if their car is totaled following a car accident or if their vehicle stops working due to a mechanical issue. Yes, these sorts of events that require an emergency type of tow service are extremely common. When a car is no longer in drivable condition, towing services are the only way to remove that vehicle from its current location and transport it to a new site.

Typically, a flatbed tow truck or wheel-lift tow truck can get the job done in these circumstances. A flatbed tow truck is equipped with a platform, which means an automobile moved by a flatbed tow truck will not ride along the road as it is transported. The entire automobile sits on the platform, and all four wheels remain off the ground.

Comparatively, a wheel-lift tow truck transports a vehicle by keeping two or four wheels on the ground at all times during the transportation process. Oftentimes, the towing method depends on the type of vehicle. You cannot tow an all-wheel drive vehicle the same way as a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicle.

In fact, incorrectly towing a vehicle can result in expensive damages. What might have started as a small problem can quickly become a costly repair if you do not know what you are doing, which is why it is best to avoid DIY towing.

Additional Types of Towing Services

Tow services are not just for emergencies, though. You can utilize a towing service in a wide range of circumstances.

Here at Roadside Rescue, we specialize in a variety of towing services, including:
Motorcycle Towing
Diesel Truck Towing
Boat or Watercraft Towing
Trailer Towing
Commercial Towing
Speciality Towing

When you are in need of help, we have a highly-trained team of experienced professionals ready to assist 24/7.

If you need a towing service, we’ve got you covered. If you need roadside assistance, we are only a phone call away. Check out our expansive service area and contact us today for a quote.