9 Reasons to Call Junk Car Removal Services and Ditch Your Clunker

Do you have a junk car sitting around? For many, that old vehicle is a beloved belonging. People tend to hang onto junk cars due to their sentimental value or potential value. Are you guilty of holding out hope that you will find time to fix up that non-functional automobile?

Unfortunately, a car that once served a purpose can become a nuisance over time. And while you might be hesitant to get rid of a vehicle you are attached to, consider these nine reasons why removing that junk car with the help of a junk removal service is a good idea.

1. Makes You Money

Did you know you can make money off of a junk car? Your junk car doesn’t even need to be driveable to be marketable.

You can give that old vehicle new life by selling parts. In fact, there is a rather long list of parts that others are willing to pay for, from your engine, exhaust system, or catalytic converter to the airbags, mirrors, rims, bumpers, or windshield wipers.

2. Reduces Taxes

Although it’s not direct cash in your pocket, you can get a tax deduction for parting ways with your junk car. Give your vehicle to a charity and maximize your tax savings by writing off a charitable contribution deduction.

3. Saves Time

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” Attempting to sell a junk car can be a time-consuming process. Advertising your vehicle takes time. Communicating with interested parties, meeting up with possible buyers, and then negotiating price points also takes time.

Working with a junk car removal service that can help you sell your vehicle or its parts saves you from the headache of going about the process alone.

4. Protects the Environment

Junk cars tend to leak hazardous materials. When cars rust and decompose, those once-contained oils, fluids, and chemicals begin to leak from the vehicle and end up contaminating the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Plus, those escaped hazardous materials can evaporate and create air pollution, too. Removing your old automobile is an environmentally-friendly solution to the problem.

5. Frees up Space

Junk cars take up space. Whether sitting in your garage, driveway, or yard, you can make the choice to declutter and free up space on your property by using a junk car removal service.

6. Looks Better

Junk cars not only take up space, they are unsightly. Unused vehicles are eyesores that can easily be eliminated by hiring a junk car removal service. Not to mention, your neighbors will appreciate the clean look.

7. Prevents Crime

Eyesores attract attention – attention to your property from unwanted visitors who see your old vehicle as a money maker. Remember how you can sell parts from a junk car? Junk cars are a prime target for crime, especially when easily accessible.

8. Controls Pests

Junk cars can attract more than criminal activity. Rodents, pests, insects, and vermin all love the safe shelter of an unused automobile. A simple fix to an infestation is hiring a junk removal car service to rid your property of pests’ makeshift home.

9. Can Be Removed Quickly (Even if You Don’t Have the Title)

You might think that getting rid of a junk car is a long, drawn-out process, but junk car removal services can come to the rescue quickly. Let’s say your HOA is on your case and demanding that you remove your non-functioning vehicle from your property. Or perhaps you sold your home and need to get your junk car off the premises before closing. Calling for professional help can resolve the issue in a timely manner.

It’s also worth noting here that not having a title is not a deal-breaker. Perhaps your junk car has been sitting around for years and years, and you’ve lost track of the title. It happens. But some professional junk car removal services can recover the title for you. So don’t let a no-title scenario keep you from calling a removal service. There’s usually a solution.

Junk Car Removal – No Title Services in Utah

Here at Roadside Rescue, we work with car owners who want to remove their junk car and do not have a copy of the title. If you own a junk car and have misplaced the title, there are several ways to remedy the situation.

You can request a duplicate title from the Utah DMV by filling out form TC-123. But if you want someone else to do the legwork for you, providing the VIN number of your vehicle to Roadside Rescue is another option. From there, we use the VIN to verify the car has no liens against it. Once that information is confirmed, we work to get the title released.

Furthermore, Roadside Rescue can haul away trailers or motorhomes with or without titles. We cover an expansive area extending from Weber and Davis counties to Salt Lake, Tooele, and Utah counties.

Give us a call today to discuss our trailer, motorhome, and junk car removal services.


9 Reasons to Call Junk Car Removal Services and Ditch Your Clunker