Why You Should Get Rid of Your Junk Car

Junk cars are all around us. Your neighbors might have one sitting in their yard, you may pass one on your daily drive to work, or you could even be holding on to one yourself.

Vehicle owners choose to not get rid of junk cars for a variety of reasons. Perhaps that unused car has sentimental value or maybe it’s a potential restoration project. Whatever the reason, junk vehicles are a hazard to have around.

If you have an undriveable vehicle hanging out on your property, check out this list explaining why you should reconsider and remove that junk car immediately.


Cars are full of flammable liquids and chemicals. All that stagnant gasoline, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid can catch fire and quickly create a dangerous situation.


Car fluids are more than just a fire risk. They are an environmental hazard, too. Junk cars are notorious for leaking fluids, and those escaped fluids end up contaminating the soil and groundwater. They can even evaporate and pollute the air.

Animals and Humans

Leaked vehicle fluids are also a health hazard. Car chemicals can be downright toxic to animals and humans. And unfortunately, junk cars tend to attract curious children, wandering pets, and roaming wildlife that should not come in contact with such materials.

Vermin and Pests

Rodents and insects are also attracted to unused vehicles. Junk cars act as a shelter and ideal breeding ground for mice, rats, squirrels, cockroaches, spiders, and so much more. These types of vermin and pests carry diseases and spread bacteria that can cause adverse health effects.

Furthermore, a rodent or insect infestation can become a financial burden. When these kinds of critters overtake a junk car, they often spread and find their way into your house, garage, and sheds. From there, they wreak havoc and cause property damage. Correcting that property damage costs money. Hiring an exterminator to help eradicate the infestation is costly, too.

Vandals and Thieves

Not only do junk cars catch the attention of pests searching for a home or children looking for a place to play, they stand out to vandals and thieves as well. Leaving unattended, abandoned cars on your property is asking for trouble.


Passerbyers and neighbors will notice that junk car, too. Junk cars are eyesores, so be prepared for some disgruntled neighbors that dislike an unused vehicle staying on your property.


The unsightliness of a junk car is not the only reason neighbors might be mad about an unused vehicle sitting around. Junk of any sort brings down property values, and not just the value of your own private property. The look of your home and yard affects the value of surrounding properties.


If you live within a community managed by a Homeowners Association, having a junk car on your property could land you with a violation and subsequent fines.


Did you know that some states considered old cars an “attractive nuisance”? Under this law, property owners can be held liable for injuries sustained by trespassing children that find an object on their land attractive and get hurt while exploring that object.


A junk car takes up valuable space, especially if it is stuck in your driveway or garage.

Junk Car Removal – No Title Options

It can be hard to get rid of a junk car. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only vehicle owner that has struggled with the decision of whether or not to let go of their junk car.

Here at Roadside Rescue, we understand that junk cars are typically a nostalgic piece of property. But if you are ready to remove that broken-down vehicle, Roadside Rescue can make it happen.

In fact, we even haul away junk cars with missing titles. When you have misplaced a title of a junk car located in Utah, you can:

  • Submit form TC-123 to the Utah DMV to obtain a new title
  • Give Roadside Rescue the VIN number of your junk car and have our team track down the title for you

Once we have received the title and verified the vehicle has no liens against it, then your junk car will be off your property in no time. Our trained team and WreckMaster-certified drivers cover an expansive service area and offer a wide variety of towing options. Contact us today for more information about our junk car removal – Utah based – services.