10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Tow Company

When dealing with unexpected vehicle troubles, it’s only natural to feel frantic and anxious. You want help and you want it immediately. As many do, your first instinct might be to pull out your phone and begin an Internet search of “local tow companies near me” to get a tow truck coming your way.

Roadside emergencies can be a headache to deal with, especially when your vehicle is left completely inoperable. There’s never a good time to be stranded on the side of the road, and while you might feel tempted to hire the first tow company that seems like a reasonable option, remember that not all tow companies are created equal.

Picking a tow company that is not up to par can make your circumstances worse. So before you request the help of just any ol’ tow company, consider asking your potential pick these 10 questions:

1. What locations do you service?

First and foremost, verify whether the tow company you are interested in hiring will come to your specific location. Towing companies only service certain areas. If a company does not cover your particular location, there is no need to ask any more questions.

2. What size of tow trucks do you have?

This question is equally as important as the first question. Just like towing companies only cover a defined area, towing companies offer certain types of tow services.

If you need a large vehicle hauled off, not every company is cut out for the job. Let’s say you have a F-350 truck, that size of automobile won’t fit on all tow trucks. You must look for a company that has the widest towing bed available – a 102” wide bed.

3. What type of tow services do you provide?

Even if a tow company has the right size of truck required to tow your vehicle, you should also investigate how they intend to transport your vehicle.

For example, let’s compare dolly towing versus flatbed towing. With dolly towing, two wheels always remain in contact with the ground during the tow. This equates to more wear-and-tear on your tires. And if your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, you are simply out of luck. Tow dollies are compatible with front-wheel drive automobiles and cannot pull cars with rear-wheel drive.

4. Do you offer winch or recovery services?

Winch or recovery services differ from your everyday tow services. If your vehicle is stuck down in a ditch, you need a tow company that has the correct equipment to safely recover it. Moreover, you need a tow company that trains their technicians on how to use that specialized equipment correctly. Otherwise, a poorly executed recovery can cause significant damage to your automobile.

5. How far can you tow a vehicle?

Do not forget to ask this question and do not make assumptions. Drop-off location is an important detail to verify. If you need your vehicle transported to a specific address, you need to make sure the tow company is able to take it there. Some companies will not travel long distances or go into certain areas.

6. How fast can you arrive?

While it is impossible for any company to predict an exact arrival time, you can ask the tow company for an approximation. If several customers are ahead of you in the queue and they have a small team of tow technicians with limited trucks available, finding a tow company with a larger fleet may be the way to go.

7. What are your hours of operation?

Not every company offers 24-hour towing. Furthermore, not every company works on the weekends or holidays. You need to know before you commit to a company whether your car is going to be towed in a timely manner.

8. What are your fees?

Some towing companies choose to tack on numerous fees to the initial price of a tow. A cost estimate might only include the price of the actual tow and not expose other components of the bill such as taxes, tolls, drop-off location fees, and surcharges.

Plus, towing companies can charge by the mile, by the hour, or by the truck. Each pricing model can drastically affect the overall amount due. To avoid being caught off guard with a bill higher than you anticipated, take the time to ask about any fees associated with the tow.

9. Are your technicians WreckMaster certified?

From preparing and loading up a vehicle to moving and towing it, a lot can go wrong when a tow truck driver cuts corners. Towing a vehicle requires a certain skill set and knowledge base. A company that is serious about taking care of their customers will invest in their tow technicians.

10. What form of payments do you take?

While most companies nowadays accept a variety of payment options, you can never be too safe. Ask whether you must pay with cash, check, money order, credit card, or debit card.

Finding the Best Tow Company in Utah

There are many myths and misconceptions about towing companies, but reliable and trustworthy towing companies do indeed exist. When it comes to finding the best tow truck company that can meet your particular towing needs, asking a few questions before you sign on the dotted line can save you a headache down the road.

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